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Medicine Ball Slams + Squat Exercise

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Medicine Ball Slams + Squat Exercise
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Medicine ball slams with squats exercise is one of the highly effective medicine ball exercises that not only work on your muscles but also increase your coordination, focus and balance. Medicinal ball slam is a simple workout that engages your shoulders, arms, triceps, abdominal muscles, back and calves in the move. It is also a great way to burn fats and loses weight. The repetitive moves increase the heart rate and blood flow to improve your overall health. Forming the squat position during the exercise assists your legs and buttocks to get strength and stability. Medicine ball squats engage the gluteus, hips, arms, lower body, back and legs in the workout and provide a perfect body warm up. It is a great warm up move to begin intense exercises.

Step 1

Using a medicine ball begin standing with the medicine ball in your hands above your head.

Step 2

As you bend your knees to squat down throw the medicine ball from your waist to the ground.

Step 3

Finish your squat and catch the ball on its bounce back up, raising to your toes and catching the ball at the top of the exercise. Repeat 10-15 times

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