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6 Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Negative Energy – Good Vibes Only

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6 Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Negative Energy – Good Vibes Only

It takes all kinds of energy to make up the world—just like it takes all kinds of people. When we raise our energetic frequency to that of positivity and higher vibrations, we hop into that “good vibes” category, where life becomes more in flow (even with some perceptively challenging times), instead of feeling the flux that can come with negativity.

There truly is a frequency, like radio station channels, that emit from each of us. High tech light-reading machines can clarify the exact frequencies in terms of megahertz (MHz), but it doesn’t take that kind of science to figure it out. When you tune in, you can feel it. That dark storm cloud that can sometimes feel like it’s hovering over your head? That can be the clearing (or the wanting to be clear!) of negative energy. It’s vibrant, bright energy that will lift the fog of those clouds and help you focus on what makes you happy!

Here are 6 techniques you can use to lift the fog, and bring light, where once there was negative energy:

1. Surround Yourself with Love

Being around family and friends is a great way to lift your spirits, and emitting and receiving the frequency of love can increase your heart coherence and overall health. It’s really hard for negativity to exist when you’re surrounded with love, so plan a fun weekend out of town, or stay in and focus on care, compassion and love in all that you do. Enjoy time with people you love, and who love you—you’ll increase your good vibes and kick that negative energy to the curb!

2. Meditate

Meditating allows you to elevate your vibration internally with the calming of the central nervous system through focused, clear breath and the cellular activation of awareness within and throughout the body. This really can clear negative energy! As you focus on your breath, allow your exhale to be a release, fully cleansing anything that is no longer serving you. Doing this puts you in a positive frame of mind, allowing you to focus on enhancing peace and clarity. Try our 12-day meditation challenge if you’re looking to start meditating!

3. Essential Oils

Feeling cloudy headed? Can’t concentrate? This can be negative energy trying to take over.

To dissolve this energy and also help with the physiology of your body’s cells, therapeutic grade essential oils can help. They are highly effective in raising your frequency so those negative vibes won’t keep you down—some essential oils vibrate at over 150 MHz, which really amps up your health. (Anything below 60 MHz can decrease the immune system and leave you open to disease, too.) So try diffusing these oils to keep your energy levels boosted—breathing them in will not only keep your body healthy; they’ll clear your head, motivate you and empower you to really rock your life! Plus, added bonus, they smell fantastic! You can also apply topically to your wrists, the bottom of your feet and neck (always read directions before applying).

4. Cleansing Bath

As well as diffusing essential oils, you can soften into a relaxing bath and add therapeutic grade oils to your warm water for a variety of functions. Lavender, for example, will help dissolve stress and a digestive blend will help you detoxify anything that could be hindering your energetic flow. You may also enjoy Epsom Salts, which help to cleanse and clear. Try them out and see what works best for you! With the right mindset, the physical action of bathing can cleanse your body and help clear negative energy—great vibes only! Imagine all your negative energy washing away from your body and, as you drain the water, allow any negativity to clear, too. (The physical act will already help you—visualization can enhance the experience to re-wire your brain for the cleansing of negative and growth of positive.) After your bath, apply essential oils to your skin for extra protection from negative vibes and to boost your cells for the great ones!

5. Laugh It Off

They do say laughter is the best medicine, and it can help with everything from boosting the immune system to decreasing stress to burning a few extra calories. Laughter is also great for combating negative energy—when the immune system is healthy (above 60 MHz), it’s less likely at risk for illness like colds and flues and disease like cancer and diabetes. Stress levels can also amp up the negative energy, particularly, distress (as opposed to eustress, which is a positive and empowering type of stress for both the body and life in general), so you want to keep that negative stress—and negative energy—at bay. Get yourself laughing! Laughter lightens the mood and lifts you—helping physiologically and combating that negative energy so you can live with good vibes only! The best ways to get laughing? Hang with your favorite funny friends, pop in a romantic comedy or slapstick movie you know will crack you up or go to a comedy club.

6. Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are known to help people find peace and tranquility by getting rid of negative energy. Crystals can be used on your own, or through crystal therapy sessions that assess your aura (the energetic field around the cells of your body) and then working with crystals to help re-align your mental, physical and spiritual balance. One of the best crystals for healing your mind and clearing those negative vibes is Green Jade. It helps calm your nervous system and focus your mind—that serene feeling of clearing negative to make space for the good vibes only! Wear the crystal around your neck, meditate with it, or hold it in your hands to receive the energetic effects.

No matter which route you choose, you want to get those good (or great!) vibes going! Try each of the techniques to clear the negative and embrace the positive. There will be all kinds of energy in your world and, as you choose the tools that help keep you tuned to the frequency of positive, you’ll get more of the good in your life! You’ll feel happier everyday, and your positive vibes will help heighten those of the people around you! Be the light you are, and rock those good vibes!

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